City of Camden
Dresdner Robin conducted parcel-by-parcel investigations, researched tax records and environmental contamination and developed GIS databases and maps for three neighborhoods (Bergen Square, Cramer Hill, and Dudley) in the City of Camden.

Dresdner Robin also prepared Area in Need of Redevelopment Studies for Bergen Square and Cramer Hill, applying the New Jersey redevelopment criteria to designate the most blighted blocks for pre-emptive rehabilitation and redevelopment while preserving the robust portions of the neighborhood. These reports laid the foundation for a community-based redevelopment vision.
Services Provided
  • Parcel-by-parcel site survey
  • Tax record research
  • Environmental contamination and violations history
  • Review of land use patterns, transportation, circulation, building conditions, actie institutions and zoning
  • Application of New Jersey redevelopment criteria
  • Preparation of Area in Need of Redevelopment Studies
  • Review of Redevelopment Plans
  • Expert witness testimony for City Planning Commission approval of Study and Plan
Project Features
  • Extensive GIS mapping and database development
  • Data-driven Redevelopment Area designation
  • Preservation and rehabilitation of robust blocks
  • Redevelopment designation for thoroughly blighted blocks
  • Assistance to the Division of City Planning to develop a viable, responsible redevelopment plan