Dresdner Robin offers a wide variety of Urban and Community Planning services, including land use planning, zoning ordinances, master planning, new community planning and design, waterfront development, downtown revitalization, recreation and open space plans, expert testimony, as well as other special studies. Dresdner Robin specializes in community outreach, conceptual plan development, Area in Need of Redevelopment and/or Rehabilitation Studies, Redevelopment Plans, and variance application support services for both public and private entities.

Dresdner Robin has extensive experience in providing professional planning services to designate Areas in Need of Redevelopment or Rehabilitation, as well as preparing Redevelopment Plans. Our studies are consistent with the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law Act and provide the necessary information to determine if the area in question meet any of the Area in Need of Redevelopment Criterion (NJSA 40A: 12A-5). Included in this evaluation is a physical assessment of the study area which includes reviews of land use patterns, building conditions, occupancy/vacancy patterns, transportation and circulation patterns, ownership patterns, active institutions and environmental conditions. Once an evaluation is complete, GIS maps detailing area in need of redevelopment criteria, land use, ownership, brownfields, and vacancy are created. Dresdner Robin has the expertise to create Redevelopment Plans that are implementable, as well as responsive to the needs of the community.

Dresdner Robin also specializes in providing planning services on behalf of site plan/variance applications. In addition to reviewing zoning regulations and master plans for these applications, Dresdner Robin regularly provides expert testimony to Zoning Boards of Adjustment and/or Planning Boards.

Dresdner Robin also has the experience and capabilities to provide concept plan design for the layout of new community developments, either as a new development or the redevelopment of a previously developed site. After collecting data through reconnaissance of the subject site or area, conducting visioning sessions (if called for), and establishing a development program, goals and objectives with the client; we then evaluate physical elements such as the preferred mix of uses, building massing, view corridors, street layout and design and the location of open spaces. The concept plans are further modified in consultation with the private client and/or municipal officials resulting in a plan that meets local needs while maintaining economic viability.
Primary Services